V.V is a beautiful, well proportioned, pale woman with red hair. More often than not she will wear clothes that reveal racy lingerie – and in some cases not even bother with the clothing if the lingerie covers enough by her standards.


Velvet Velour, also known as V.V. or Miss Velour, is a female Daeva and quintessential Toreador who owns a strip club in Hollywood called Vesuvius. Vesuvius is generally recognised as Elysium in Hollywood. All staff, including the strippers are considered V.V.’s herd and feeding there without her express consent could cause a lot of problems for the transgressor – she is very well liked in the Vampire community of Los Angeles.

V.V. is an extraordinarily helpful and compassionate Vampire who seems to abhor violence. Make no mistake though, she is still a Vampire and is likely at least a century old so younger Vampires are advised to follow the rules in her club. She is also very close to the Baron of Hollywood, a whisper in his ear can cause all sorts of problems for the brash and unwise.

Known for her congeniality, business acumen, and highly teasing nature, she is a Vampire who doesn’t shed innocent blood herself or on her account.


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