Fresh Blood

Episode 4
Blood Stains

The kindred awoke, filled in Maik about what has been happening and immediately broke into a debate about how much Prince LaCroix knows and what they should do.

Not wanting to keep the Prince waiting they went to see him at the Library Tower. Once there LaCroix explained that there had been a breech of the Masquerade and three drained bodies were recovered from the basement of the Dunbar Hotel and are being held in a small morgue next to the 12th street police station.

Speaking to Valdez and then Freeman after meeting the Prince they were given a rough layout of the area, when there would be less police around and Freeman’s promise he would remove evidence from the police station – stating he owed them and this would make them even.

Being creative the group decided after breaking into the morgue to retrieve the files on the three drained bodies and set the building on fire to destroy the evidence.

Deciding after they wanted to start gaining more control of their unlives they got dressed up and headed for the Ocean Trails Golf Club, with it in mind to start meeting prominent mortals and work on making them ghouls who would work in their interest in South Bay so they could carve out a territory of their own.

Making contact with an off-duty manager at the course a lot of charm and a bit of Majesty saw them invited to one of the clubs social networking events. Satisfied with that they headed back to Hollywood and did a bit of creative hunting before turning in for the day.

The following night saw a not too unexpected visit from the Prince, who clearly knew what they had been up to but whose response seemed subdued given the seriousness of the transgression.

Later that evening the team visited the Dunbar again, seemingly to find out about it’s owners. During their investigations they were surprised to see a sensual and frightening predatory lady kindred who all but ignored them and headed for the Jazz bar…the session ended with Maik, Paul and Daria deciding to enter the bar and speak with this mysterious vampire.

Episode 3
Blood Cells

With Maik being called away for work with Maximillian, Isabel and Paul were summoned to Prince LaCroix’s court where he rewarded them financially for their work in protecting the Masquerade.

They were also introduced to Daria, who was placed in their care as another new Vampire without a Sire.

After running an errand for V.V. at the Luckee Star Motel in West Hollywood they headed for Vesuvius where Ms. Velour rewarded them with a taste of her private herd. Offering a reward of either a month’s free feeding at Vesuvius or information on city politics the group chose information and were informed about the severe lack of Vampires or a clear Kindred ruler/s in the South Beach area of L.A.

Following up on this they drove around South Beach for a few hours until happening upon a Vampire in Torrance, clearly an older and more powerful lady of Asian origin who led them on a wild goose chase only to literally vanish before their eyes. Leaving a calling card in the form of a dagger the group decided to pin it to the wall of a disused beach hut with a message asking her to get in touch.

Upon reaching home their pager buzzed and sure enough the mysterious kindred requested a meeting at Santa Monica pier the following night.

Turning up the following night they were surprised to find Valdez meeting them. He spoke of the city being ruled by the Carthians under a much fairer system before the riots and the arrival of LaCroix. Wanting release from the thralldom of the Prince the group offered to join the Carthians and work with Valdez to supply information on the Prince until they were strong enough to depose him, in exchange for domain over South Bay, or at least areas of it.

Agreeing but not trusting Valdez asked them to track down a missing newly made kindred working as a police patrolman; Daniel Freeman, who vanished two nights before while responding to a domestic disturbance at the Dunbar Hotel.

Their investigations led to the discovery of sealed basement with not only Freeman but five other unknown kindred chained and drained of blood to the point of feebleness. Dead bodies on the floor and a fight with a ghoul confirmed the place as a blood bank for an older and unknown vampire who could no longer sustain itself on human blood. Freeing Daniel and escaping they confirmed the older vampire was female but nothing more.

Even for his age Valdez struggled to conceal his surprise about how quickly Freeman was returned. Suggesting they go back to their haven and act like nothing happened he promised a meeting the following night to talk details about the Carthians and how the band could help ‘restore balance’ to Los Angeles.

Debating their cover story should the Prince ask they reached their haven safely and were bedding down for the day when the phone rang…LaCroix wants to see them at sunset about a police matter that could threaten the Masquerade…

Episode 1
To Die and Be Undead in Los Angeles

Taking their orders directly from Prince Sebastian the three fledglings begun an investigation into a series of murders that clearly put the Masquerade in danger – several dead truckers drained of blood. All clues point to either a young and confused vampire, or a very old and confused vampire. Either way it’s not looking good.

Along the way they have begun to get to know some of the notable Kindred in Hollywood, namely Baron Abrams and the delectable V.V.

The session ended with the fledglings spotting a red haired and red eyed woman in Santa Anita Park & Golf Course…


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