Blood Potency

Taking a leaf from the newer Requiem reboot we will remove the Caine origin story and leave the origin of Vampires to myth and legend. Vampires all start on a level playing field – slightly better than humans with the ability to concentrate the essence of blood in them with age, through spending experience or by committing the crime of drinking more powerful Vampire’s blood.

A character’s Blood Potency represents how much innate, mystical power has concentrated within her dead veins. Characters with high Blood Potency possess both great mastery over their Vitae and much inherent potential in that Vitae. Characters with low Blood Potency are either unpractised or their Blood is so young or inert as to have little connate potential.

All vampire characters receive the Blood Potency advantage at one dot for free. Blood Potency can be increased with Background-point expenditure at a rate of three to one at character creation if creating a more powerful Vampire (Storyteller Permission only).

Blood potency table 1

Blood potency costs 8 points of experience per dot to increase. It also increases naturally at a rate of one per 50 years of unlife.

Blood Potency

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